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Excess Material Available

We can supply remanufactured parts for Encore, SEL, and Gould computers (circuit boards or circuit cards, PowerTec or LH Research power supply, CPU modules, assemblies, tape drives, etc.). This includes computer parts and boards for Encore 32/27, 32/67, 32/77, 32/87, 32/97, and RSX system computers.


The remanufactured equipment consists of items that were either trade-ins, or equipment that was used for development projects, maintenance support, test stands, etc.  These items will be supplied in "like-new" condition incorporating the latest revision level, and include standard warranties and documentation when sold by model number. Remanufactured equipment is identified with an "R" before the model/part number (for example: R9130 or R160-103554-001).


To obtain information about product availability, either call us at 1-800-936-2673, send a fax to 1-321-727-7009, or email us.

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