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COMPRO has established a reputation for continuously expanding real-time computer performance boundaries.


COMPRO maintains its four-decade-plus tradition as a center for innovation, creating open, deterministic, scalable computer systems, I/O subsystems, and component technologies for wide-ranging real-time applications.


As a direct supplier to customers with mission-critical needs, and a technology supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and System Integrators, COMPRO has achieved an installed base of over 9,000 systems – representing over 3,000 customers worldwide.

Real-time computers interact with physical events and data, simultaneously analyzing data and reacting so quickly that no significant time passes during data acquisition, computation, and response.  COMPRO developed the Real-Time Environment (RTE), RT Lightning™, RSX™ and RT Lightning Cluster technology specifically for this market.  COMPRO products have gained an enviable reputation in the real-time world's most demanding applications, including aerospace simulation, range and telemetry, energy, transportation, process control, and the interactive multimedia server market.


End-of-Life Notice (EOL) for the following Concept hardware

SEL/ Gould / Encore:







Please see our LCRS product as it is the direct upgrade to a 100% compatible COTS replacement solution for these systems.


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