General overview of the OpenIG files after install/compile
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Author:  kabeck [ Fri Oct 16, 2015 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  General overview of the OpenIG files after install/compile

Here is a quick overview of the OpenIG Directory structure after you install/compile all files.

There are currently 4 OpenIG executable binaries that get installed when you compile from source and install oIg (OpenIG).


(There is some basic command help onscreen once you start any of the OIG apps above. F7 provides basic instructions for all of the command-bar commands, F8 enables the command-bar.)

Is a flying demo, that lasts a few minutes and the camera follows the demo A320 aircraft from takeoff back to landing. The demo is started by using the F5 key. You can move around the view of the aircraft using the Openscenegraph "mouse controls" and turn on and off effects like TOD, Clouds, Visability etc..

Has a car demo of a Ford Mustang, that you can drive using VERY basic keyboard controls based on the arrow keys. This demo is also used to demonstrate the included Network Plug-in. You need at least one Master and one Slave to be able to run oigBullet and demonstrate the network plug-in feature(s). oigBullet uses OSG_Bullet to provide physics properties to the model. (We use for suspension models and how they react to the ground with compression and spring forces)

Runs just like the osgEarth viewer as far as keyboard controls to zoom, move around, etc. This allows a demo of OIG and whole earth data-sets.

just is a basic IG has no built in motion. This is really a skeleton example of how to start writing your IG application based on Muse OpenIG.

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