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First Downland the source code for MUSE OpenIG from

You can also download sample datasets, our patched version of OpenSceneGraph 3.3.7, etc., from our website:

The provided QtCreator .pro project files are configured for Windows through environmental variables. The compiler we used was the Microsoft
Visual Studio Community 2013 with Update 4 Edition. This package is available free from Microsoft at: ... -studio-vs

The V1.0.1 and later sources now include the proper CMake support files to allow building of Muse OpenIG using the CMake system as well as
the original QMake QtCreator support files.

The following environmental variables are REQUIRED and need to be set so that the build configuration tool(s) can properly find the dependency packages required by OpenIG:

OPENIG_BUILD - This is where OpenIG will be installed whether using Qmake;make or Cmake;make install
OSG_ROOT – This is the root of your OpenSceneGraph source tree, it search for headers
OSG_BUILD – The root of the OSG build, here it searches for libraries
BOOST_ROOT – the boost installation. OpenIG build will search for the libraries 
it needs automatically from the BOOST_ROOT/stage/lib folder

These are sufficient to build the OpenIG core. Some specific plug-ins will need their own environmental variables settings as well. Here is a short sample:

SilverLining is a sky, atmosphere and 3D clouds SDK, from SunDog Software ( .

SILVERLINING – this variable needs to point to the SilverLining installation for the Public Headers.
SILVERLINING_BUILD - variable to find the libSilverLining library

SILVERLING_PATH - this variable needs to point to the SilverLining Resources directory location.
TRITON_PATH - this variable needs to point to the Triton Resources directory location.
OPENIG_LIBRARY_PATH - location of the igplugins directory. Defaults to: /usr/local/lib64 -- on 64bit linux systems.
OSGNOTIFYLEVEL - Set to NOTICE to receive debug info from OpenIG when you start the demo applications, the default value used is FATAL if not set on your system. This is an OSG env variable, check the OSG website for more information.

We are providing pre-built SilverLining and Triton libraries and headers to make it an easier setup for the OpenIG build on our website.

On the Windows platform, the QtCreator SilverLiing plug-in .pro file is configured to look for SilverLining by referencing the SILVERLINING environmental variable, the same goes for the TRITON environmental variable and its associated plugin.
Please visit the website to download their SDK.

As of the time of this writing, there are a few more OpenIG plug-ins that are application specific, such as the plug-in for Compro’s multi-platform shared memory library systems, but these not needed for a standard OpenIG installation, but the sources are provided in the package as part of the opensource distribution.

We encourage you to join the OpenIG forum to discuss any issues or maybe an idea for the next update. If you would like to get involved you can connect with the team as well at this forum.

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