Build from source Code on Macintosh
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Author:  kabeck [ Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  Build from source Code on Macintosh

Download the latest source code from the repository at

Building on MacOSX is normally very easy once the c++, OpenGL, SilverLining .. etc. development packages are installed.

The QtCreator project .pro files are configured to look for needed libraries and headers at /usr/local/include, /usr/local/lib
as well as the standard MacOSX locations for various Frameworks, etc..

The QtProjects (.pro) are setup to look for the SilverLining SDK at /usr/local/SilverLining.

For CMake builds, the cmake support files are expecting these environmental variables to be set, if not you can still
manually update the needed paths and file locations using the standard CMake procedures.

OPENIG_BUILD - This is where OpenIG will be installed whether using Qmake;make or Cmake;make install
OSG_ROOT – This is the root of your OpenSceneGraph source tree, it search for headers
OSG_BUILD – The root of the OSG build, here it searches for libraries
BOOST_ROOT – the boost installation. OpenIG build will search for the libraries 
it needs automatically from the BOOST_ROOT/stage/lib folder

SILVERLING_PATH - this variable needs to point to the SilverLining Resources directory location.
TRITON_PATH - this variable needs to point to the Triton Resources directory location.
OPENIG_LIBRARY_PATH - location of the igplugins directory. Defaults to: /usr/local/lib64 -- on 64bit linux systems.
OSGNOTIFYLEVEL - Set to NOTICE to receive debug info from OpenIG when you start the demo applications, the default value used is FATAL if not set on your system. This is an OSG env variable, check the OSG website for more information.

Please check the user-permissions for the following folders as they will need write permission from the user account that is being used to compile and install OpenIG: /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib, and /usr/local/include.

Please check with your system administrator for you local requirements.

To build the SilverLining plugin, please visit sundog's to download the SilverLining SDK.
To compile the OpenIG Triton plugin, please visit sundog's to download the Triton SDK.

We encourage you to join the OpenIG forum to discuss any issues or maybe an idea for the next update. If you would like to get involved you can connect with the team as well at the forum.

You can download sample datasets, our patched version of OpenSceneGraph 3.3.7, etc., from our website: -- check for it in the downloads section.

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