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MUSE Suite

We deliver the most comprehensive and seamlessly integrated suite of solutions to  SIMULATE, VIEW, ENGAGE and BUILD your Modeling, Simulation & Training domain.


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The Modular Universal Simulation Environment (MUSE™) software is a unique simulator and real-time code development environment. The philosophy behind MUSE™ addresses a critical industry need – a way to develop simulation and training devices where major components can be conveniently reused and adapted to meet new requirements.

MUSE™ provides the most dynamic, comprehensive, and easy-to-use training software packages available for use by military and commercial companies. The MUSE™ simulation – from the visual database to displayable instruments, controls, panels, and/or indicators – is customized to meet your site’s specific training requirements.

MUSE™ Simulation Engine can be used to model common weapons platforms and mission systems in aerial vehicles (fixed wing or rotary/UAV), land vehicles, and sea-borne vessels.

MUSE™ CGF lets you define the initial mission conditions (scenario parameters) for the environment and players, and model the operation of sensors and countermeasure equipment, weapons, and enemy defense systems.

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