COMPRO Computer Services

COMPRO’s Simulation Solutions Group has the technical expertise and experience in providing effective and efficient equipment, services, solutions, and support for all your training needs.
COMPRO maintains its four-decade-plus tradition as a center for innovation, creating open, deterministic, scalable computer systems, I/O subsystems, and component technologies for wide-ranging real-time applications.
^Real Time
Parts supplier and repair facility for Encore 32/27, 32/67, 32/77, 32/87, 32/97 and RSX computers. Scalable and deterministic Real Time solutions:
COMPRO’s Comprehensive Services Group provides responsive, multi-vendor support ranging from traditional maintenance to custom-tailored professional engineering services and worldwide logistics support.
^Worldwide Services


COMPRO is the only authorized sales, service, and part repair affiliate of Encore Real Time Computing, Inc. (Encore Computer Corp.) in the U.S. COMPRO provides authorized support, products, warranties, and licenses.
News and Information
• Q4 Services, LLC purchases COMPRO's LCRS replacing the ATR-42 commercial flight simulator host computer
CymSTAR, LLC purchases COMPRO's LCRS replacing the USAF C-5 Air Refueling Part Task Trainer (ARPTT) host computer
COMPRO announces Technology Obsolescence Protection Service (TOPS) and Guaranteed Long Term Support solving the COTS dilemma